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Christian Russian Bookstore is located in Minnesota, USA.

Although our home is here in the US, for more than thirteen years we have continued to serve in ministry for orphans in Russia. With God's help, as well as those who continue to support us through our Russian bookstore and other donations, we had over 15 christian orphan camps and made other mission trips with small groups from one of the orphanages.

There are five orphanages in the city of Velikie Luki, Russia. God has directed us to school-orphanage # 1, in which more than 200 children live (ages 6-19). Not all children are there because they do not have parents; a big number of them were either left at these orphanages or their parents lost parental priveleges.

Our service is focused more on older children, those who leave their orphanage-school and go off to colleges.  It might be the last opportunity to tell them about God before they leave and continue their education somewhere else.

Each boarding school is a new church. In 2008, our mission has found one more direction- a youth center. Last days of camps are impossible to describe with all the sadness. They know: the team will soon leave! Therefore, there was an idea to create the center where for a year or two, missionaries will stay there and continue to be engaged with children after camp has ended. 

Right now we have a young family who lives in the center and who serve as missionaries (they are from Northern Caucusus, Russia). The center is five minutes of walking distance from the orphanage,  which lets children come and visit in their free time. Also, this place became a shelter for some graduates, who come and stay over on weekends.

One of  the main purposes of this service is foster families. During the 3 months of summer vacation, a number of children ages 8-15 live in this center with our missionaries. During these months, they are able to spend more time in fellowship and doing various fun and learning activities.

      «... To open a Christian boarding school...»: - such offer was taken out by a city administration, and it will be possible in the future.

We are glad to all who are ready to offer their time to this service and we invite you to partner with us if God is calling you to serve His through missionary service!

By purchasing books at our store, you support the ministry among orphans in Russia.

Thank you for your support! 

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